Avoiding GMOs on Halloween

A lot of kids are in-tune to what is going on in the food world, but  it can be really hard to explain to your child(ren) that candy being passed out around the neighborhood is unsafe (filled with GMOs)

Here are couple of ways to make it easier:

1.Have them trade in their candy for something they have been wanting (toy, go see a new movie) This is a little better than trading their candy in for more candy. It shows them a treat doesn’t always have to link back to food!

2. Trade in GMO candy for NonGMO treats! Support companies that are doing the right thing, like UnReal Candy,Yummy Earth etc.

3. Have an open talk with neighbors about the amount of candy/type of candy they are giving out. Limit the number of houses you go to!

4. Invite some families over for a halloween party! Make organic candy apples and other festive treats instead of trick or treating! Of course this includes dancing to Monster Mash! (personal fave)

Here is some great advice from a few moms of GMO Free CT

A great picture from The NonGMO Project:

Wishing you a healthy, safe halloween!

Whitney Helena