Benefits of being a Locavore




1.a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food

Eating local is extremely beneficial to your tastebuds and the environment. Here are 5 ways being a locavore rocks!

1. Fresher food

If you shop at farmer’s markets or farm stands, chances are the food your purchased was picked in the last day or two. This food usually tastes better too!

2. Less environmental impact

No need for your food to travel thousands of miles (think of all that fuel $$) to get to your dinner plate! A lot of smaller farmers, organic or not, use less chemicals to treat their plants.

3. Safer Food

When you are buying directly from a farmer, there are fewer ways that your food can be contaminated. When you learn about how your food is grown, and where it is grown you have a better chance of keeping yourself safe.

4. Support your local economy

When you have the option, buy directly from the farmer. Less hands involved means the farmer can make more money for the crops. A bonus if you can support a farmer that pays fair wages.

5. Create Community

For me, having a relationship with my local farmer is so special because I have come to understand how much time and energy goes into cultivating these crops and makes me appreciate the food that much more!

Want to find a farmer’s market near you?

Whitney Helena