10 On The Go Snack Ideas

I get it! You are BUSY. Healthy snacking should not be something you compromise for your busy lifestyle. Below is a list of snacks with little to no prep and BAM. Clean snacking is yours. You can also spend half hour on the weekend or your day off to prep snacks for the week, setting a truly no excuse plan in place! 

1. Piece of Fruit (Apple, Banana, Peach, Pear... you name it, just don't over do the fruit because that can be too high in sugar intake for the day)

2. Hard Boiled Eggs  (These will need to be prepped)

3. Yogurt (none of the sugary stuff please!)

4. 1-2oz of nuts

5. Rice Cake with/ Nut butter or Avocado

6. Bell Peppers -  Is it weird I eat a whole bell pepper at a time? You can slice them and eat with hummus if you want!

7. Carrots

8. Kale Chips - I like the Trader Joe's brand but follow serving size to not over do it on sodium : ) 

9. Popcorn - Make a big batch and put into single serving bags for the week! 

10. Cherry Tomatoes! I like to eat the small ones just by themselves!

Bonus snack- lettuce wraps. Wrap lettuce, slice of turkey/ham/cheese and voila. You can get extra crafty if you put some pesto or hummus.

Add your favorite on the go snacks below!