Show your skin some LOVE!

Listen up gang, your skin is the most expensive coat you own, so you better treat it right. With beauty and cosmetics being a BILLION dollar industry there is so much CRAP out there with "natural" ingredients with companies trying to be something they are not. I thought I would share my faves to protect and your most absorbent organ from chemicals and toxic ingredients. 


Kiss My Face Sunscreen

Kiss My Face is such a GREAT brand with lines of face, body, lip balm and even oral care but I am a big fan of their Suncare line. Living in Southern California I wear SPF 30 on my face every day. I highly recommend even if you don't live in a particularly sunny area to do the same as the sun is always shining even behind those clouds. I know what you are thinking, "Whitney but I really want my face to be sun kissed all the time" (hint: use a bronzer; I love me some bare minerals!) Let me tell you wrinkles and sun damaged skin is never going to be trending. Take care of that cute face you have and protect those pores : ) Slap on some SPF 30 with no parabens, no artificial fragrances, gluten free ingredients, no phthalates and not tested on animals! You can read all about their ingredients here.

Juice Beauty

I have always LOVED washing my face (strange I know) but growing up my mom worked for Clinique and I got the hook up with all their skin care products. I still do use some Clinique products and we will get to that but right now its all about the Juice baby!! Juice Beauty is an organic line of skin care/make up/hair care and it is absolutely lovely on the skin and scalp. A few years ago I bought the Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit and I was HOOKED. It comes with a cleanser, peel, clearing serum and moisturizer. Currently I use the cleanser every day and the peel every so often. These products are wonderful because they clean my skin and I feel safe using them! Read all about their ingredients here. 


Moisture Surge and All About Eyes. YES. This is the most hydrating thing that has ever graced my face. It is magic even through blistery winters in the Northeast. Clinique is also great with everything being fragrance free and a huge portion of their process is Research and Development. Put this on before bed and your skin will be saying thank you <3 

EO Products 

Enough about the pretty face! EO Body lotion and shower gel is where its at for the rest of those sensitive skin cells. They come in a huge container and reasonable priced for how much good stuff there is (and isn't) HUGE fan of the coconut/lemon or citrus/mint combination. This brand is NonGMO Project Verified, gluten free, certified B corp and uses essential oils, aloe, chamomile. 


Now for the fun part... Share YOUR faves with me!! I love trying new products and supporting companies with a responsible mission! 

<3 Whitney