Veggie Loaded Mushrooms

Realized I didn't have everything I needed for a recipe as I was planning to make... but looked up a veggie stuffed mushroom recipe, had most of the ingredients and added a few of my own.. BAM DINNER SERVED! 

•preheat oven to 375

•sauté onions, garlic, zucchini, peppers (you can add tomatoes but I didn't have any) kale (or spinach) 

•transfer to mixing bowl and add 1/4-1/2 cup bread crumbs + same amount Parmesan cheese + spices (salt, pepper, cayenne, oregano + 21 seasoning salute from Trader Joe's is my jam) 

•scoop into portobellos and put in oven! 

•bake for 20-30 minutes 

•option to add mozz but I like the way they came out!