5 ways to stay present ✨

My 5 tips for staying consistent & present with all that is “life” .

1. Spend time with YOU. Take a few minutes a week and plan out your “you” time. Whether you carve that space for a yoga class, a workout, a bubble bath, meditation or just your reality TV time, make it a non negotiable date with yourself. 

2. Write down a “win” you had for the day(encouraged to do as many as ya want) this can be as little or as big as you want. It can pertain to home life, work life.. maybe ya didn’t swear at all in rush hour commute...WIN!

3. Get still. The word meditation can make a lot of ya run for the hills but it doesn’t have to be super intense. Set a one minute timer on your phone and just SIT. Eyes closed, breathe in, breathe out. 

4. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

5. Prepare as much as you can in advance! Meal preparation, or even just writing a weekly menu ahead of time so there’s less guess work, write down any must “to dos” for the week ahead, have a family calendar/tracker if ya got little humans going in different directions, plan your outfits for the week, pack a gym bag ahead of time etc and my fave: outsource what you despise doing! .


What helps you stay consistent and present to LIFE?!