Super Cider

I love trying new things in the kitchen and making weird concoctions. About a month ago I wanted to try to make “Fire Cider” I can’t reeeallly call it that because of trademark laws and such so my dad thought it would be great to call it a SUPER Cider!

I am not going to say that I think it tastes amazing because in reality it taste like apple cider vinegar with a twist. Take all ingredients and put in big jar. Cover jar with lid anywhere from 2-8 weeks. Strain thru mesh or cheesecloth . Add honey and lemon/orange juice to sweeten and shake it up!

Serving suggestion is 1-2 Tablespoons in the AM for preventative measure but if feeling ill 1-2 TBSP every hour!

Super Cider Recipe

¼ cup sliced horseradish

¼ cup sliced ginger

1/4 cup sliced turmeric or 1 tsp powdered turmeric

1 whole head peeled and chopped garlic

1 chopped onion

1/8 teaspoon cayenne

Enough apple cider vinegar to cover all ingredients by 2 inches

Honey/Citrus juice to taste (1/8-1/4 cup)

Some of the traditional benefits of Fire Cider's ingredients include: 

Horseradish ~ The antibacterial properties of Horseradish have been used to fight bacteria. Horseradish strongly stimulates the digestion, increasing gastric secretions and appetite. It's also a good diuretic that promotes perspiration, making it useful in fevers, colds, and flu. Horseradish is also an expectorant and mildly antibiotic, and can be of use in both respiratory and urinary tract infections. 

Ginger ~ is valued for its ability to warm the stomach, to ease vomiting & nausea and to fight off colds, chills and coughs. Ginger is useful for all types of congestion in the body. 

Garlic ~ supports the immune function and opens the pores of the skin to lower a fever. This herb's antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it useful in treating bladder and kidney infections , yeast infections , strep throats and ear infections  

Cayenne ~ is useful for increasing circulation and to get mucus flowing. This herb is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant. It is used as a digestive aid to stimulates gastric juices. Many people report relief from migraines with this herb as well.  

Shots anyone?