If you want better sleep raise your hand...

Let’s talk about human SLEEP for a moment. I have been listening to podcasts & reading all the things about sleep. I am amping up my nightly routine to get more deep sleep as that is where the magic (literally helps your muscles recover etc) happens. Obviously REM sleep is important as this is where magic for brain happens!! I am a vivid dreamer so feel like I’m good there 😂 I have been a light sleeper for the last few years, waking up a few times a night and then having trouble getting back to my 😴😴😴. I don’t have a fancy tracker to monitor all of this but I can tell in my energetic levels throughout the day when I get a good night 💤.

Here are my six ways to increase quality of sleep.

1. Movement of your body everyday. This may seem like an obvious one but any movement counts!! Aim for 20-30 minutes each day!

2. Beverage consumption! This is on all fronts !hydrate yourself throughout the day but not so much you have to get up in the middle of the night. Monitor your caffeine intake. Whether you cut yourself off at 2pm or take a few days off see where the sweet spot is for you! Also alcohol within 2 hours of sleep can effect how long you stay asleep for and quality of your shuteye. I am for chamomile tea and calm (magnesium) every night

3. Lights! Limit screens an hour before bed (or more) and if it’s not completely dark maybe an eye covering will help! 

4. Meditate daily! A recent study showed people that meditate 12 min a day they get 20-25% more deep sleep a night!!!

5. Plan bedtime and wake up times. Seems simple enough.

6. I burn sage or light a candle that calms me as I drink tea.

Does anyone of this resonate with you? What do you do for your nightly routine ?