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Amping up your morning routine

Mornings are not for everyone. I am reading (okay, listening) to Miracle Morning for the second time and I have started to implement a few things in my daily/weekly lists! Here are a few things below that are non negotiable for me to feel like a morning ROCKSTAR. 

Brush your teeth!  

Seems like a no brainer eh? But not only does brushing my teeth check a to do off the AM checklist, it helps make me feel refreshed and wake me up! 

Chug 24oz of H20

Next up is a chugging contest. Flashback to college days.. just kidding.. but really chug that H20! After brushing your pearly whites make your way to the kitchen and fill up a big glass of water. Drink until its empty and then do it again! This will start to hydrate your body from your fast while sleeping. This will help your digestion, skin and get things moving if yano what I mean! 

Alkalizing Warm Lemon Water
After you have rehydrated with cold/room temp water I like to drink warm lemon water to alkalize your body (raise your natural PH to a more alkaline state), aid in digestion and inflammation throughout your day.

Simply add the juice from a fresh lemon to warm water and enjoy

To do List/Empty your brain

I do enjoy this at night as well but empty your brain on a piece of paper, writing or typing. This can be things you want to get done that day, that week etc, things you need to check on or just thoughts you are having. This can be whatever you want it to be but it can be a journal entry style or chicken scratch on the back on a napkin. Just get some items out of your head and onto paper! 


Find a few minutes (even 30 seconds will work!) to sit in stillness. Just breathe and set an intention for your day. 


I have found with these tips mentioned above and a few more me and the women in my wellness groups have been experimenting with work! No we are all not going to leap out of bed every morning at 5:30 and do burpees but we can take little steps and tap into our inner "morning rockstar"




Be the weirdo who dares to ENJOY" 🔮🌟 😋

Social media is a funny thing because we see highlights and the curated content that someone wants to show the world 🌎

I have been working on being vulnerable in real life and social media life as of late. Sharing the pretty and not so pretty moments. A few conversations this week standout because they were raw, and real life shit. We got down to the nitty gritty of how we FELT and what made us feel that way. I shared how sometimes I feel confident I am on the right path in this health coaching/yoga guiding/juice slanging life and then other days I'm all "what if this is all wrong?!"

It felt scary saying that aloud but I felt relief and Even cooler than not one but two friends just said "yeah I feel like that too, so glad I'm not alone" So yah life can be up and down but I'm gonna be the weirdo enjoying everything I get dealt 'cause it's all part of growth and I'm INTO that