What's the deal on buying organic?

Let’s talk organic foods for a second. I am a big advocate for going organic as much as possible but I GET that it’s not always feasible. (Although some would argue you’re gonna pay for it at some point 🙆🏼)
When you are shopping produce stay away from conventional foods on the dirty dozen list. There is a clean(er) fifteen list that if you buy conventional these would be the less sprayed crops. *note organic does not equate to pesticide free
🍎ALWAYS buy organic corn, soy, canola if you those are in your diet. If not marked NonGMO or Organic ... they are GMO!

🍎Read Labels! A lot of companies are actually labeling “made with genetic engineering” so say byeeeee to those products ✌🏼
🍎Wash your produce (organic or not) h20 + vinegar and soak for 20 min!
🍎Buy frozen organic veggies (I am on a kick with this one lately) but I find it cheaper 🥳
🍎Look into joining a local organic CSA, subscription box such as @misfitsmarket ! If it seems like too much food-split it with a neighbor or friend but keep supporting the farmers that are doing it correctly!

🍋 Have any tips to add to the list?! ⤵️