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Tough Love: Why working out at home can WORK FOR YOU

So often I hear "I can't workout at home, I don't have the motivation you do"

Sorry but I am calling BS. Sometimes this the same someone that drives 10 minutes to a gym/fitness studio/bootcamp/yoga etc, battles a hectic parking lot, arrives early to get a good spot and then socializes after class for 10 minutes and drives the 10+ minutes home. That just made me tired writing it. 

Let me be real clear - I am NOT bashing going to a studio, class or gym. Part of my livelihood is teaching at a yoga studio. I just have a hard time digesting the excuse "I don't have motivation" I LOVE going to take classes with friends for the community, the music, the instructor, the woo's during that last set of squats. I GET IT. I just don't have the time for that every day! 

Movement has always been a part of my life in some form or another and I truly believe that everyone needs daily movement. Get your heart rate up even for a few minutes a day! 

So instead of saying anymore of why you can't make it work, here are some reasons why you CAN MAKE IT WORK for ya more often. 

1. You don't need a lot of space. If you do a mat based workout (yoga, pilates, some bootcamp style workouts) you are already confined to a small space. 

2. The commute is short. Within a few minutes of wrapping up your workout you can be in the shower, making dinner or throwing in laundry. No pause in productivity. (or the opposite - you are that much closer to BED)

3. You can workout in your underwear/pajamas. No, I'm not kidding. This is a HUGE perk. I love rolling out of bed in my pajamas and getting right into it. 

4. No shortage of workouts you can do. I personally have a subscription to the "Netflix of fitness" for under $8 a month. I am trying to have options without splurging yano? (If you want a 14 day trial you just let me know and I will HOOK YA UP)

5. No Excuses. Think of all those steps I mentioned above and how easy it can be to talk yourself from going to your fill in the blank workout. "Oh traffic is looking really bad" "Parking is a going to be a zoo" "I have to be at X at this time and won't have enough time to go home and feed the animals (or kids!)" 

6. You fit your workout to your mood. Don't want to do something super jumpy? Pick something low impact. Feel like dancing like a maniac? Pick a dance based workout!! Want to do more military style movements? Pick a Tony Horton workout cause you know he will kick your butt! See where I am going with this? YOU get to decide the speed, length and style of workout based on your day. 

Am I saying this works for everyone every single day? No! I am saying you have OPTIONS but know that home workouts are accessible and super functional. 

Want that 14 day free trial? Start right here. 





Me on January 14th and 87 days later following home workout program! 

Me on January 14th and 87 days later following home workout program!