I’m a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Yoga instructor. Clean eating conspirator. GMO-free food advocate and guru. And, most importantly, your steadfast cheerleader and nutrition know-it-all ally to lead, inspire and usher you to your healthiest life ever.  

Lifestyle Philosophy

I know. You mean to be healthy. You really do. You mean to get up an hour earlier to conquer that morning run. To actually do something with that bag of spinach you bought.  But, time and time again, life happens. At some point amid all the daydreams of Instagram-worthy whole food dinners, glowing skin, and an uncluttered life, you gave up on trying to keep up with that seemingly unattainable lifestyle. After all, you have children to raise, a spouse to please and a job to kick ass at. 

I get it and I get you. I’m here to help you spring back into action and finally make those healthy changes you crave the most in your life.  I’ll work with you to get those greens (and those purples, yellows, reds and oranges) made into pretty damn good dishes oozing with deliciousness, bite after salacious bite. I’ll guide you through a lifestyle based on intentional moderation (yes, this means you don’t have to give up on your love for red wine orIn and Out). I’ll teach you savvy shopping skills so you’re hyperaware of what ingredients you’re packing into that shopping cart. Most of all, I’ll show you how to become your own insanely smart health advocate while dousing yourself with consistent self-love. 

Street Cred and Book Smart

I grew up having embarrassing and painful stomach and GI issues (think bloating, constipation cramping) during the worst possible time to be embarrassed and in pain (think elementary school and junior high school).  I slowly gave up on dairy and peeled back from eating processed foods. The massive relief from the pain, as well as having a better mood and soaring energy, convinced me that what we eat impacts every inch of our lives.  

Besides my innate passion and obsession for whole foods and a physical lifestyle, I became a certified Holistic Health Coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. There I studied hundreds of dietary theories, as well as seasonal produce, weight loss, food tolerances, holistic food preparation, herbal medicine, preventative health care, and preserving overall well-being.

Don’t think only IIN students should get all of this healthy living awesomeness? I agree. That’s why I have made it my personal mission to share it with others and pass on the knowledge. 

I work with YOU to make a game plan that’s tailored completely to your lifestyle and to your current health to incorporate a nutrition, fitness and personal development game plan. You also get the benefit of a private community to grow with and use for accountability. 

Yoga/Fitness Practice

Healthy living starts in the kitchen, but needs a place to sweat, too. As a yoga instructor and online fitness coach I lead students through an intense mix of plyometric work, sun salutations, cardio, ab work, and sometimes a whole lot of booty kicking.  No need to be a yogi or fitness guru to hop into a fitness plan. In my wellness community we are lucky enough to have a "netflix of fitness" and I work with you 1:1 to find what plan is best for you, your goals and your schedule.  

Your healthiest life ever IS possible. I can help you get there!